Another wonderful flight! My 2nd time!


After all, it isn't always an advantage to fly non-stop. I'm really glad to have stopped in Bagan to see this beautiful region from your balloon!

Bertrand Piccard - non-stop round the world balloonist, Switzerland

Of all the terrific experiences you can have in Myanmar, Ballooning over Bagan is the BEST!

Tony & Maureen Wheeler, Lonely Planet

On our third trip to Bagan, this was the most fantastic experience yet. The views at sunrise today were truely spectacular.

Hazel and James Frost, Norfolk UK

The tour book says you have to see Bagan on a hot air balloon or you have not seen Bagan and its temples at all. We agree wholeheartedly. Keep it up - the good work - the balloon.

Robert and Beulah Schmitz, Singapore / New York

A once in a life time experience. This balloon trip is poetry in early morning over past and present.

Tali Zir, Tour Manager, Geographical Tours, Jerusalem, Israel

I haven’t had such a grand birthday celebration in all my 44 years! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marcie S. Gitlin, New York (USA)

Outstanding experience for a guy from Nebraska who never gets higher than the football stadium.


The greatest way to begin a day. A world-class experience

Hal Nathan,

Vraiment incroyable! La journee pouvait commencer mieux!!

Florence, Belgique

Thank you so much for the most beautiful flight I've ever done. I can't just find other words for that great feeling

Thomas, Switzerland

Thank you so much - we had an incredible flight. Can't imagine a better place than over Bagan

Julie & Nathan, NF Canada

Enjoyed every minute of the flight. The whole world should know about this!

Vic Albong Scatasen, Manila, Philippines

Dies war unser 2 Ballonflug uber Bagan! var einfach fantastisch! Herzlichen Dank

Yvonne & Hans Jurg Clausdetshcer, Switzerland

One of my best experiences I've ever had....Thank you very much !

Jens and Britta, Germany

Esturo increible!

Karina Castillo de Corona, Mexico,

This flight with it's marvelous pictures will be in my mind a life long. Thank you very much for this experience

Heiko Burchardt,

To the great staff. Thank you for the time we have been with you on air

NIRVANA, Shalom for all Israel